Welcome to my wanderings 

Hi there, and welcome to The Wandering Yoga Girl!

Many of you have followed me here though Instagram or Facebook, or you were one of the friends or family I directly sent my link to.. either way, thank you for following along 🙂

If this is your first time finding me, I welcome you to my site and would like to introduce myself.

My name is Rachel, I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, United States.

I have a background in competitive figure skating, love anything that has peanut butter in it, and live for spontaneous, unplanned adventures. When I’m not wandering or practicing I may be snowboarding, scuba diving, or taking my sweet labradoodle for a walk.

By the time I made yoga a serious part of my life I had transferred colleges four times and changed my major with each transfer. It was in October of 2015 that I decided to join a challenge hosted by Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna on Instagram. I had remembered seeing an AloYoga billboard on my first trip to CA that August before, I had followed them at the time which is what brought me to the challenge in the first place. At the time I had no idea that “Instagram yoga” was such a huge thing, but I quickly found a home in the online community.

It seemed like for the first time I was doing something without worrying about everyone else’s comments and opinions, and boy did they have their opinions. I got a lot of questions at first. Some even made jokes… But something told me to keep going.

It was through this platform that I had found something that I could stick to after years of uncertainty and sadness, and I am endlessly grateful that I decided to keep going.

Now with 10k plus followers and a 200 hour teaching certification I have along the way found a practice that serves me and my life. I have grown physically and mentally, not to mention that I’ve slowly learned to let go of things holding me back, slowly learned to let go of who I was supposed to be. And the best part, theres no end goal. You keep growing on and on with this incredible practice of yoga.

So thats where the “yoga girl” comes in, where does the wandering come in you may ask?

A lot of this is expressed in my first post but I’ve always had a fascination with travel and seeing the rest of the world… though I do approach it in a way most don’t. I typically wait until I have enough points on my travel cards to fly out somewhere, and go from there. For a couple of my trips I just chose a random destination and figured it out along the way.

I’ve slept in parking lots, talked to dozens of strangers, ended up in sticky situations, called home crying in fear and frustration, gotten lost more times than I could count.. sometimes on purpose. Actually most of the time I get lost, it’s on purpose.

But I don’t stop going because it’s magic, I’ll explain what I mean by that another time. To me.. wandering, is magic.

So, I eventually developed a home practice and became @thewanderingyogagirl, grew a following without really intending to, met amazing new souls along the way and started to become the person that I am.

The blog? Through both social media and in person I receive a lot of questions about my yoga journey and travels. People often asking how I afford to travel, why I go where I do, how I choose/find workshops along the way. They ask how I started yoga and where it is they should explore, too. So after a lot of encouragement, I decided to answer these questions in one mutual platform.

Here I plan to tell my stories, elaborate on my adventures (past and future,) talk about this practice I fell in love with, and most of all.. I hope to show you this magic in wandering.

peace, love, and happiness

Rachel ❤




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