A rainy day in LA

On my recent trip out west I managed to touch California, head up to Seattle for the weekend, then come back to Los Angeles before heading home. It was an emotional trip by far, and then came the rainy day in LA.

When I got back to California I was starving, so I went to a lovely spot with fresh ingredients in Santa Monica, True Food Kitchen. I had tried them out by Randi Greene’s recommendation back in December and I knew it would be the perfect place to grab a meal that would bring me back from six hours of early morning traveling. There was matcha involved, of course.

Any who, I spent the sunny afternoon walking the streets of Santa Monica, did a little shopping at Alo Yoga and then went to dance with the Pacific for the rest of my afternoon. She’s my favorite. It was later that night I had realized it would rain for the next day or two, so what I would do was beyond me. Either way, a little bit of California rain sure beat the gigantic snowstorm that had just hit back home in Buffalo.

So I hit the hay early that night with plans to do a little hiking the next morning before the rain, and I did just that. Many people had told me on Instagram that I needed to hike at Runyon Canyon, and they weren’t wrong. Even though the skies were cloudy, the views were still incredible! Plus, it wasn’t until after I rewarded myself with a donut from Sidecar (THE BEST- sorry Paula’s, I still love you too) and sat by the ocean for a while that it did start to drizzle.

I decided to brave the sprinkling weather to wander through Venice, where I hadn’t yet been. This place is full of super cute shops and lots of good food! And as I was walking around, I got to thinking about the incredible views on the Malibu coastline.

I got to thinking about how I had considered a tattoo for years. How I’d always wanted the waves in my skin. How I could carry the beauty of the mountains with me too. I started looking up tattoo parlors in the area and drove back to my Airbnb. I kept going back to my phone looking at the nearest places that seemed have the best reviews and trust. I kept looking at pictures of coastlines and tattoos that seemed cool, but not quite right. The idea of getting up and going seemed a little crazy, I thought maybe I’d nap on it. And suddenly my mind barked back saying NO! If you don’t do it now, you’ll go back home and tell everyone about how you ALMOST got a tattoo.. again.

I marched out to my car and drove up Venice Blvd until I reached my destination. Heart pounding, super frazzled, and I had to pee… bad (maybe tmi.. I know.)

I marched into the shop a huge mess and just started spitting sentences out. All that really mattered was that I had an idea, and I wanted to do it. A tiny part of me hoped they were booked for the day so I could back out but they were ready, so here it goes.

I didn’t tell anyone beforehand. I didn’t ask for opinions, for permission. I just did it. I walked in just for me, and it was freaking awesome.

They brought my ideas to life and then some. They took my vision of the coastline and drew it beautifully. The pacific, the mountains, all of it. So much of my heart always longs for the coast, there’s just something that makes me feel the most alive standing between the ocean and the cliffs. It’s magic. It’s home. 

And now I have this part of me right where I can see it every single day ❤

And the bangs, I scheduled that once I got home from the inking. It was quite a week.

And I loved every minute of it. 

So now you know, if you have a rainy day in LA, your options are still endless. There are still so many places to see and go. And maybe, you’ll do something you never thought you’d have the guts to do. Twice.  Anything is possible when you let yourself wander.

peace, love and happiness,



One thought on “A rainy day in LA

  1. Paul

    You crammed more “life” into a week than I did in my last year of Rx school when I was your age. Live the life you love Rachel. I’m not a fan of tats but looking forward to seeing you again & checking it out


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